Worthless love dating a married man

The question is, what makes a person feel worthless in his or her relationship?I can think of three possibilities, which are not mutually exclusive: 1.I also think he is not trying very hard and wants to be very nice to her in letting her know how he will leave.He doesn’t want to be confrontational and doesn’t want to hurt her.I wouldn't consider myself "the other woman," but it's just a weird situation to be in.I really like him and have felt myself starting to fall for him more and more, and he feels the same way but doesn't want anything more serious.

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I'm just not sure whether I should stay in it and wait it out, or not.Donna Flagg's fantastically complex and intriguing blog post on break-ups and feelings of worthlessness inspired me to finish a blog post I'd recently started, which was in line with my other posts on self-loathing (the latest is here; others are linked below).Let me be clear: this post is drawn from my own thoughts and experiences, and is not meant to address the details of Donna's post, nor any of the great comments left by readers.One night, we were out just the two of us, and he told me his wife had been traveling for work for the past few months and their marriage was basically over. He said he had dealt with all his feelings and had accepted it. We decided that we'd be exclusively sleeping with each other, and we go on dates and spend a lot of time together, but he doesn't want anything more serious.His wife is leaving again soon and they're technically separated, but I know they obviously still talk.

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