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Even brushing aside, for a moment, the hilarious and wonderful title – it was amazing.The cover was embossed lavender with a gold looking glass which the title appeared inside like a reflection (wonderfully implying ‘it could be YOU’).Indeed, it even seems to suggest that too many friendships with men put a woman in the ‘friend zone’ forever:“To one distinct class of women men tell their troubles and the other class sees that they have plenty to tell. It could be YOOOU.’There’s also a lingering assumption throughout this book that both parties are playing a pretty nasty game of chess:“He who would win a woman must challenge her admiration, prove himself worthy of her regard, appeal to her sympathy – and then wound her.It is better to be in the second category than in the first.”It’s a bit like Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, but due to being 111 years out of date it’s even more laughable. She is never wholly his until she realises that he has the power to make her miserable as well as to make her happy, and that love is an infinite capacity for suffering.” - Chapter 4, The Lost Art of Courtship(Lucky girl. For example, the final sentence of the ‘love letters’ chapter is “So the old love letters bring happiness after all – like the smile which sometimes rests upon the faces of the dead.”I was unsure what to make of this tone, until my friend Googled the author, Myrtle Reed, and some more information fell into place.Ladies, did you know it was unbecoming to talk about clothes around a man on a date? When sitting, please keep all hands and legs inside at all times until the date comes to a complete stop.

The key for getting over your bitterness is to put men first.

The objective is simple: to lure the young and young at heart to find their perfect match in the west. With three full days of festivities, all-inclusive food and alcohol, shuttle buses and free camping at the showground, the Spouse Hunters Ball is definitely worth driving for.

Between 270 to 450 revellers clock up the kilometres for the annual pilgrimage, flocking from as far as Melbourne, the Gulf, Townsville, Mt Isa and Cairns.

“It’s just a great community event.” “We get 18 to 80-year-olds coming to party and it’s so nice to see everyone all dressed up!

” After nine years of holding the annual event during the ‘80s, and with everyone then married off, the club put the decorations back on the shelf.

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    These 15 couples dated while working on their shows, sometimes playing a couple on the show while also dating in real life. Either way, those relationships (and the subsequent break-ups) definitely had an affect on their shows.

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    Some cities schedule more themed events than others.