Police dating victim

We strongly recommend reporting the crime to police and want people to know what to expect should they decide to report to the police.

By choosing to report a domestic violence situation to police, survivors are required to go forward with the case.

Although Assistant District Attorney Jen Gettle didn't think the relationship changed how police investigated the rape case, she said it raised the appearance of impropriety and weakened her bargaining position with the defense attorney.

Mandujano-Quinonez allegedly used his real name and photograph on the website and took the women on dates in his own car, making it easy for his victims to report him to police.“He’s probably not the smartest guy,” Adcox said. He admitted some stuff but denied others.”The case against Mandujano-Quinonez began in mid-November, when one of his alleged victims said that he got her to step outside of his car to “look at something” then sped off with her purse and other belongings still inside his vehicle, a silver Saturn, Adcox said.

He then listed her items and other victims’ property online for sale, police said.

However, under the law police have very limited discretion in these cases; we must arrest the abuser if the person can be located.

Confidentiality is a major concern for survivors considering reporting.

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