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His poetry was written to initiate response, revision, process, and his own compositional techniques emphasized his refusal to reach conclusion.

Whitman was the ultimate reviser, continually reopening his poems and books to endless shuffling, retitling, editing, and reconceptualizing.

This continual deferral of the ideal was Whitman's style; he set in process a history and a literature that would struggle toward democracy, even if they would never fully attain it.

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A sign, signed by supporters, is seen at a Lee Highway memorial for victims of the July, 16 shootings on Saturday, July 18, 2015, in Chattanooga, Tenn. "While time stood still on a giant clock, where she was leaning, five people died. "We were the lucky ones." It's a remarkable and achingly honest poem, and the rest of it can be found on his website — nathanbellmusic.com/family-man-the-blog. Hours after the shootings, many Chattanoogans, all independent of one another, felt the great need to write poetry. A slight wind blows a door open but no one's there.

Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith died Saturday from wounds sustained when gunman Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez shot and killed four U. Marines and wounded two others and a Chattanooga police officer at the Naval Operational Support Center on Amnicola Highway shortly after firing into the Armed Forces Career Center on Lee Highway. As Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire last week, Nathan Bell was with his daughter in a photographer's studio, as she posed for her senior pictures. Bell, a local musician, wrote about the moment in his poem "The Lucky Ones." "We would learn later that while she posed next to a clock, on a steamer trunk, more gunshots were being fired at a location six miles away. "Chattanooga, 16, July 2015" The crepe myrtle no longer means what it did yesterday. A single dog barks in the distance but doesn't know why. The lead story — shoving aside yesterday's news.

It is as if the souls of the dead hushed the earth's spin. What they say, he said, was a prayer that needed no words. — Alice Smith, local author "Untitled" Disorientation.

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