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m=Akyatn05hff4G99JWs Qe TBITbup Mm KBH" Step, tradition, discussion, Big Book, and fellowship meetings are held each week in discussion format. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. We believe in upholding the traditions of AA, and strive to help those who still suffer. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to recover from alcoholism. p-0&ss-0 A variety of email and chat meetings chaired by solidly sober people ... [email protected] offer closed, AA, live text chat meetings.

Right on cue, a chat notification pops up with a soft tone.

and I’m blurrily staring at my phone, simply waiting in the silence of the night.

I just went, oh my gosh, there is language to express something about myself that I’ve always known, but could never put words to. It’s interesting: As much visibility as Taylor is giving to the nonbinary community now that is on the air, Taylor gave that visibility and hope to me first.

I believe that, as Nina Simone said, an artist’s duty is to reflect society.

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