Backdating scheme

In the latest example of an auditor’s work being tied to fraud allegations, former Comverse Technologies CEO Jacob “Kobi” Alexander and the company’s one-time legal counsel, William Sorin, are suing Deloitte & Touche in connection with the purported -million stock-option backdating scandal that came to light more than two years ago.Alexander, who became a fugitive from the FBI when he allegedly fled the U. for Namibia, where he is living today, filed a law suit separate from Sorin’s suit against Deloitte in federal District Court in Brooklyn, N. In the complaints, Alexander and Sorin said that if they are held liable in the backdating case, Deloitte & Touche should bear some responsibility for damages, according to Knight Ridder/Tribune. a) Electricity Allowance The Electricity Allowance provides cash credit of €35.00 monthly on the bill.

Housing benefit and Council Tax reduction is normally only awarded from the Monday following the date on which the application is made. Applicants aged between 66 and 70Applicants under age 66List of Qualifying payments and excepted household members for persons aged under 70Concessions a) Electricity Allowance How it's paid Change of address / What's not covered b) Cash Electricity Account How it's paidc) Natural Gas Allowance How it's paid/What's covered Changes of Addressd) Cash Gas Allowance How it's paid/What's covered What's not covered How to claim How it's renewed Free Television Licence (only) entitlement How it's paid What is not covered What if the applicant is not Registered Account holder Change of address Completing the Application Form(s)Where to send it to Applicants in receipt of a Social Security Pension Applicants 66 70 not in receipt of a qualifying Pension Widowed/Surviving Civil Partner applicants aged 60 65 Household composition Medical Certification Copy of a recent utility bill Treatment of applications for backdating of the Household Benefits List of countries covered by EC regulations and those countries which Ireland has a bilateral or social security agreement The Electricity/Gas Allowance has four different options, depending on the applicant's circumstances. Telephone Allowance Applicants aged 70 or over Applicants in receipt of full time Carer's Allowance should note that from the 1 April 2012, you must be living with the person that you are getting full time Carer’s Allowance for.However, for working age claimants, benefit can be backdated if there are exceptional circumstances as to why the claim was not made earlier.From 1 April 2016, the maximum period for which Housing Benefit claims may be backdated for working age claimants is reduced from six months to one month. Working age claimants will still need to demonstrate continuous good cause throughout the period for which they are requesting backdating.

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